MOAFR - Mother Of All Firestarters/Firerods

A while ago I have bought this monster ferrocerium rod along with a magnesium rod, with the intent of making a MOAFR - the Mother of all Firestarters/Firerods.
After sitting around for months in the drawer, I finally chased my friend down to use a turning machine and make a nice hole for joining the two pieces together.
This way the magnesium handle can be shaved off as kindling and then light with the firerod.
Works great!

Huge (1/2"x5" = 12,7mm x 127mm) ferrocerium rods available on eBay here:
or here: (check out which offer currently has a promotion - you should be able to buy them for around $5 EA, shipping included! They used to be even slightly cheaper on AliExpress, but for some months now, all offers for these have disappeared for some unknown reasons from this service)

18mm x 100mm pure magnesium rods can be bought on eBay here: or here  - also look out for current promotions, as you should be able to buy these at $2.50-$2.75 EA or even cheaper if instead of eBay you buy direct from China/Taiwan/Hong Kong /etc. via AliExpress here: or here

And here you can see how it works