Extra long selfie stick

What can you do if you need some elevated video footage/photos at a no-flight-zone?  We just had this problem with the planned visit to the tulip fields and flower parade in Keukenhof in the Netherlands.  Whilst these fields are located just outside the no-fly zone of Amsterdam, unfortunately they are frequented by a vast number of people during this period, and for safety reasons the administration did not give us permission to fly our drone.
But how to fully show the beauty of these fields without the ability to fly above them?  It so happens that I have been working for some time on a potential workaround which you can see in my Polish video here:

Yes! A mega long selfie stick.  In the move above I have used one of those plain fishing rods and as you can see was able to reach a pretty nice height, although the top section is quite thin, therefore there are some stability problems.  Unfortunately, for the trip now, this 6m version is a bit too cumbersome therefore in the meantime I have ordered a 270cm (3 Yard) ready made selfie stick from AliExpress: https://goo.gl/oBfa6e

Which I further improved

By adding a small, compact ball head: https://goo.gl/9t7iNH

compact phone holder: https://goo.gl/5cQaq9

and a compact folding tripod base: https://goo.gl/qXXsyG

although with the base it required some forcing as the selfie stick had a regular metric thread instead of the typical tripod mount (with some force it was possible to screw this in without the need of rethreading).