30 Thousand "Chinese Lumens" Flashlight vs. Chinese Light Meter, quick zipper repair pulls, excellent 4x18650 powerbank/charger

In today's delivery - Light meter which should allow for more detailed assessment of the various Chinese flashlights I buy, Universal zipper repair pulls and an EXCELLENT Mushroom cookbook (although I'm yet to do a more detailed review of this one ... but as you will see, for the light meter/flashlight as well)

Light meter- https://goo.gl/1qS2Uc

Zipper repair pulls- https://goo.gl/tBVGWh

Mushroom Cookbook - https://goo.gl/1jSTK4

"30K" lumens flashlight- https://goo.gl/ZQWcyX

EXCELLENT 4x18650 powerbank case (providing individual cell monitoring as well as output power measurements - it also serves great as a charger for the 18650 cells) - https://goo.gl/qPYtUN